Mera Spa

Welcome to a place of passion and belief that properly served moments of relaxation lead to a true restoration of body and soul and can provide energy and inspiration for further actions. Welcome to a place full of maritime beauty merged with exceptional architectural solutions, enabling our guests to enjoy the views and rest, just a small step away from the seashore.

It’s a place radiating with peace, offering the possibility to calm down and draw inspiration from its interior. Here where you will be looked after by passionate professionals with deep understanding of their mission, who put their whole heart in the time they devote to each of our guests.

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It’s the only one sauna on the beach in whole Poland! Saunspot is located on Sopot’s beach, near the entrance number 15. That make it possible for you to look at the sea during a session in sauna and to swim in the sea after it. Complex is equipped with changing rooms, showers and toilets.

There are two independent saunas: Sauna Open- visit us at specified time and join the group. Sauna Only4U- take your own group and use a private sauna.

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We organize workshops, picnics and shooting training at Pomeranian shooting ranges.

We will familiarize you with firearms safely and without stress. Meeting with us at the shooting range is not just a relax or "turbo" dose of adrenaline ... - it can be the beginning of a longer adventure, ending in getting your own powers. We train not only men, we successfully teach ladies, youth and whole families!

Professional instructors, nice atmosphere, a large selection of perfectly maintained weapon units.

We have the opportunity to organize transport to the shooting ranges.


+48 602 666 622  &  +48 504 051 100 


You do not need to have knowledge or sailing skills, you do not need sailing patents. All cruises

are held with experienced skippers who have the appropriate qualifications. Just take good humor with you.

Short cruises on the Gdansk Bay are the best way to feel the sailing climate. We offer tourist cruises on which you can fully relax under sail. We also invite you to training cruises, during which we improve the yacht's maneuvering skills. After the cruise, we issue opinions necessary to complete the internship for a yacht helmsman and yacht captain. We organize:

  • Afternoon cruises
  • One-day trips 


Can you surf? Or maybe you just want to start? You can try your hand at the windusrifung school. Professional instructors will show you how to properly catch the wind in a sail. You can also rent a board and enjoy yourself enjoying the sound of the Baltic waves. You can find us at Hestii 3 street in Sopot. See you later!